Promotional Products Industry, through its PromoBullit division runs and operates one of Canada's finest Promotional Product Databases consisting of approximately 250,000 products where both Suppliers and Distributors of Promotional Products use it to operate their businesses. Here is a list of products and services offered for the Promotional Product Industry by PromoBullit:

  • Distributor Programs,
  • Supplier Programs,
  • eStore Platform,
  • Build Your Brand eMagazine,
  • Power4 Program,
  • Flyer Program and
  • Deals of the Week eNewsletter.



business meeting.jpegPromoBullit accommodates all levels of Promotional Product Distributors' needs.

Our multi-level entry points accommodate Distributorships which are  just starting out as well as seasoned veterans. PromoBullit  transforms your website into a fully integrated sales tool.
Please click the "Distributor Programs" link below for more details.

Distributor Programs



Suppier image.jpegPromoBullit is essential for Suppliers to present and sell their product to Canada's Promotional Product Industry. 

PromoBullit has a large and ever growing list of Distributor subscribers which is made up of Canada's largest Distributorships. Our Distributors subscribe to PromoBullit because it works. Suppliers love having their products represented in PromoBullit Search Engine because they get results.

Please click the "Supplier Programs" link below for more details.

Supplier Programs


EstorePlatfor-Logo.pngPromoBullit's eStore Program empowers the Promotional Product Industry with the ability to create and maintain as many eStores as needed. Maintaining eStores with the eStore Platform is simple with the use of our Dashboard. No intervention is needed from programmers or designers. Please click the link below for further details.

eStore Platform



BYB-Nov-en.jpgBuildYourBrand Magazine is issued monthly to thousands of end user recipients. It has a very high end and consumer look and therefore received well by our readers. Please click the link below for more details.




Power4-1-2-image.pngThe Power4 Program is value rich advertising. It includes all of our advertising vehicles into a package that produces great results. To learn more please click the link below.

Power4 Program




Flyers images.jpegHundreds of dollars are invested in time and resources to create your eFlyer specials. The Flyer Program is here to help you maximize exposure on every Flyer you create. Click the link below for more details.

Flyer Program



DealsOfTheWeek.jpgDistributors get inundated with hundreds of eBlasts per day and because of the volume most get trashed or go unread. We offer a better solution to showcase  eFlyers and Product Videos in an easy to use format personalized with the Distributors contact information. Click the link below for more details.

Deals of the Week