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Please have a look at the options available below and contact us to get your new website started. Once your new PromoBullit website is up and running you'll be convinced it's the only Canadian Search Engine you will ever need.

PromoBullit Subscription Levels

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“We have been using the PromoBullit platform for years now, and needless to say we are very satisfied with the capabilities and the customer service. The flexible technology allows us to fully customize and refine the product sourcing experience, making it more user-friendly and efficient for both the customers and the internal team. The experience is further enhanced as the product search engine is constantly being updated with new features to facilitate user demands. Not only is the technology proficient, but it is backed with an exceptional customer service team, ready to help you with any problems that may arise. I highly recommend PromoBullit.”

Duong Tran – Marketing Coordinator
Talbot Marketing

Why PromoBullit?

PromoBullit is an easy and effective way to increase your website's usefulness. With 3 levels of entry we're sure you'll find one that will fit your needs. Here are just a few of the features to help justify your decision for becoming a PromoBullit subscriber.

  • PromoBullit will transform your existing website into an in-depth promotional product sales tool.
  • Whether you need to freshened up your existing website or a total redesign, we're here to assist you. (Click to view our website templates)
  • With PromoBullit your website will offer a meticulously maintain database of promotional products, (over 250,000 to choose from) Plus:
    • Hundreds of Flyers
    • Virtual Catalogues
    • Product Knowledge Videos
  • The PromoBullit Search Engine comes equipped with an easy to use Quote Cart and all sales leads generated from your PromoBullit website are sent directly to you.
  • If managing your website or having a more hands on approach with your site is of interest then, PromoBullit accommodates your needs. With the use of your very own PromoBullit  DashBoard, you have access to make changes to almost 100% of your website. (Note: The DashBoard is only available to Pro and Pro Plus Subscribers)

Once you have the PromoBullit Engine running on your website we continually update it for you. Your Entry Level Subscription includes: 

  • Daily Search Engine product updates from our leading North American Suppliers.
  • Promotional Flyers filled with specials are constantly refreshed
  • EASIE Flip, Virtual Catalogues
  • Product Knowledge Videos
  • The PromoBullit search engine has a quote cart. By encouraging your customers to source product on your PromoBullit website they can request more info on products of interest by adding them to their cart; all sales leads are sent to you in a PDF format

Think of PromoBullit as a hard working and inexpensive salesperson; it never sleeps.

PromoBullit Subscription Levels



Entry Level

Only $9.95 per month.

Entry Level Subscribers receive all of the fabulous features illustrated above;  plus a personalized Distributor branded version of BuildYourBand/L'image de Marque Magazine.

 Benefits for Entry Level Subscribers:

  • Every month a new copy of BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is created for all of our Entry Level subscribers! This includes your Company Logo and contact information on the front cover of every new monthly issue. An amazing Sales Tool.

How BuildYourBrand Boosts your Sales & Marketing Efforts:

  • BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is a Distributor Branded eMagazine, with it's own web address, just for your use; not shared with other subscribers.
  • A new Issue of BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is automatically created for you every month.
  • It's also easy to include in all your marketing efforts. Send a new copy to all your customers every month. It's great for presenting fresh ideas and of course generate sales activity.
  • Attach your BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque to the signature portion of all your company & sales peoples' emails for constant exposure.
  • Your BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque comes with its own Quote Cart; making it extremely easy for customers to submit quote requests. All sales generation from BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque are not shared with other Distributors-they are exclusively yours.
  • Every month a new BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is issued; ensuring a crisp new message 12 times per year. All of this is done for you. All you do is expose BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque to all your customers and let it perform its magic.




Pro Level

Only $49.95 per month

Pro Level Subscribers receive all of the features included in the Entry Level plus:
Access to the PromoBullit DashBoard. From the DashBoard you...:

  • Have control to upload your own custom products
  • Manage all products within the product database
  • Select which supplier appears and the order in which they come up in the search results
  • Control the Flyers we upload and the ability to upload your own Flyers
  • Control the Videos that appear in your Video Learning Centre page
  • Access to our comprehensive Users Manual




ProPlus Level

Only $79.95 per month.

ProPlus Level Subscribers receive all of the features included in Entry and Pro Levels plus:

  • Access to a live fully bi-lingual (French & English) Customer Service Representative for 1 hour every month. (Not Accumulate-able)
  • An additional DashBoard User Account (ProPlus Subscribers have 2 User accounts)

Distributor Programs Pricing 

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