Flyer Program


There's so much time and resources invested in creating eFlyer specials.

We're here to help you maximize exposure on the Flyers you create. You don't always have the time to upload your Flyers into every search engine and what usually ends up happening is your own website is the only one you have time to upload.  So, we've come up with an easy way to have all your eFlyers display on hundreds of PromoBullit Distributor sites.

We'll do all the work for you for a very affordable fee of $20.00/month.

For a monthly fee of only $20.00 (invoiced annually) we'll download your current eFlyers for you by entering your website, extract and enter them into our PromoBullit Search Engine. Once they've been uploaded to PromoBullit, your eFlyers will display on all distributor sites. We will also refresh your expired flyers from your dashboard.

Suppliers will still have complete access through your Supplier Dashboard to track the success of each eFlyer displayed on all PromoBullit Distributor sites.

Great Value! Contact us today for more details.