Deals of the Week Program



DealsOfTheWeek.jpgDistributors get inundated with hundreds of eBlasts per day and because of the volume most get trashed or go unread. We offer a better solution to showcase  eFlyers and Product Videos in an easy to use format personalized with the Distributors contact information.

PromoBullit has an exciting program that spotlights all your eFlyer and Product Video promotions in an easy to use online format. There are no limits to the number of eFlyers and Product Videos you choose to display each week.

Here's How it Works:
Each Monday morning PromoBullit Distributors receive the latest "Deals of the Week" in their email in-box.
1) Distributors can select a flyer and request more information or,
2) Forward a client-safe version to their End User customers and prospects who can also request more information.

This personalized service is offered exclusively to PromoBullit Suppliers and an influential way to stay connected and top of mind with our Distributor network.