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eMagazine (BYB) and l'Image de Marque (French version of Build Your Brand) LDM is issued monthly to thousands of end users. It has a very high end and consumer look and therefore received well by our readers. BYB's/LDM purpose is to keep promotional products top of mind with Canadian end users who either buy or have the influence to buy promotional products for the organizations where they're employed. The industry needs a medium that educates consumers on trends, sales promotion tips, how-to articles and a selection of promotional products presented in each issue. We base this claim on the BYB's high readership statistics.

Here is BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque at a glance:
BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque maintains a high profile for Canada's promotional product industry by keeping the Canadian promotional products buyer informed on the thousands of ways in which they can improve attendance for their annual golf tournaments, trade shows, sales promotions etc.

Sales lead generator:  BYB/LDM has a Quote Cart which makes it very easy for readers to inquire about any article or product displayed in each issue. All sales leads generated by BYB are sent directly you for follow up.

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Personalized BuildYourBrand/L'image De Marque
With each of our Entry, Pro & ProPlus Level subscribers the Distributor's Logo and contact information are customized on the cover. BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is a fabulous sales lead and idea generator and our Distributors love it because it provides a very attractive way to stay in front of their prospects and clients every month. A new issue is made available every month. We recommend to include it in the signature portion of all  company emails, websites and even customized Facebook, Linkedin and other social media  pages. One of the most creative & entertaining ways of staying in front of customers and prospects.

Benefits of BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque

  • BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is automatically created and added to your website and available to use in all marketing efforts.
  • Can be sent to all your customers and prospects every month. It's a fast and painless way to present fresh ideas and of course generate sales activity.
  • Another fabulous use is to add your BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque to the signature portion of all company emails.BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque has its own Quote Cart; making it extremely easy for customers to gather information on products and articles of interest and then submit them to you for a quotation.
  • Every month a new BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is issued; ensuring a crisp new message 12 times per year.

All of this is done for you. All you do is send it to all your customers and let the magazine perform its magic.

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