Company Stores Platform, Retail Stores & B2B Stores



The eStore Platform is a leading REST Enabled, hosted ecommerce engine that allows the creation of a Company Store, eCommerce website for both Retail and B2B applications. With our eStore Platform you can build and maintain as many company stores, retail Direct to Consumer (D2C) stores or B2B stores as you need from one central location. Whether you have intentions to build one store or hundreds is up to you. With our Company Store Platform you'll have the freedom to create and launch a company store for a client, a B2B store or a retail store in about an hour.

Here are some examples for eStores you can build: Retail Stores, Restaurants, Non profit store, Fund-Raising, Booking Programs, Schools, Sports Leagues, Corporate uniform Programs, Loyalty Programs, Points Programs, Years of Service, Awards Programs, Uniforms. Your audience could be Direct to Consumer (B2C), corporate company store, or Business to Business store (B2B).

Here are some of the Key Features:

Unlimited Company Stores, Retail Stores or B2B Stores 

  • Build & maintain as many Company Stores, Retail Stores or B2B Stores as you need
  • Add as many products as needed; No limit to the amount products, options or categories
  • Put products on Special, add Employee or Retail Discount Codes and with our time stamp feature, your products will automatically activate and deactivate as needed
  • Our product options are the most sophisticated available - infinite options like: Quantity Pricing, Colour, Size, etc.



Configurable Payment Methods

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Pro Direct Payments
  • Moneris (Canada)
  • (USA)
  • Transax
  • Purchase Orders
  • Cost center
  • Bill Me
  • Budgets/Points
  • Gift Cards/Certificates

Professional Company Store, Retail Store and B2B Store Templates

Select from expertly designed, responsive templates

Template.pngNow that you're ready to sell on-line to employees, retail or B2B, the look of the store is important. Have a look at  the professional user-friendly e-Store Templates available.

We offer a range of  Store Template themes that you may customize and personalize it to reflect and promote your brand and style to grow your business.

Unique point and click editing allows you to adjust and modify the look and feel of your e-Store layout at any time. Giving you full design control & flexibility 24-7. Full product control, giving you complete autonomy. Build one or many, there are no limits.
The possibilities are limited to your imagination.

Build and launch your personalized company store, retail store of B2B store today.



Illustration of one of the template available for your next store

Live-Admin Mode

Change the look and functions of your store quickly and easily with our Live-Admin feature


Once you've picked your template it's very easy to add images, products and customize. Our Unique point and click editing allows you to easily update and refresh the look and feel elements of your store at any time without programming. Choose from our many options such as colour and style to add personality and support for your brand.
It's also easy to change a heading, personalize the background and distinguish yourself from the rest! Your PromoBullit Store can be as unique as your imagination. The ease in which you can alter the look and feel of your e-Store enables you to target specific time-frames during the year and make subtle alterations (seasonal, holidays, local and national events etc) highlighting your best products to motivate and encourage shopping.

User-friendly for you and for your customers means increased traffic and sales volume!

Illustrations of the "Live Admin" from your Dashboard

Full Product Information

Add as many items as you need with options like sizes, colors. etc.

ES-Edit-Product.pngYour company store, retail store or B2B store can be used to sell any type of products & service!

Add as many products, categories and sub-categories as you desire, with accompanying visuals and descriptions. Once you've added a multitude of categories and products, the order in which they appear can be changed simply by drag and drop sorting.
Create your own custom products and define your own category structure. The possibilities are endless. Benefit from flexible pricing support with up to 10 quantity product price breaks, customizable descriptions and sale pricing support. You can even control the start and end dates of your e-Store. A product can exist in more than one category. Duplicating your products and placing them into every applicable category makes it easy for your customers to find what they're looking for and the eStore Platform make this easy to achieve.


Illustration of the Product upload from your DashBoard

More Key Features

ReST API Enabled
ReST APIs allow virtually any system to integrate. Developers can connect to update Customer information, retrieve orders, update products, refresh inventory.  

Budgets *Add-On
Provides the ability to define budgets and limit purchases. Full support for Approvals if required. Orders only get processed after the designated approver agrees to the purchase. 

Discount Codes *Add-on
Create one-time or reusable discount codes and use them to effect the price of the product or shipping or taxes or any combination of all three.

Product Ratings *Add-on
Product Rating is an add on module that provides buyers a place to rate products and even leave comments. Help drive purchases by showing a star-rating per product.

Gift Cards/Certificates *Add-on
Add or import gift cards of any value. Great for Employee Incentive Programs, Premiums, Retail Promotions, etc. Once redeemed, any balance will be added to the buyer's account for future use. Works as a payment method, so it can be combined with other payment types such as credit card. Great for situations where the order amount is greater that the gift card value. 

Product Booking Programs
Set a product program minimum, so buyers know there is a group purchase quantity required. No limit to the number of programs that can be defined. 

Product import/update from spreadsheet
Save time by importing products from a spreadsheet. Successive imports will perform updates only to products that have changed. 

Standard Selection of reports

Configurable store display settings

* Denotes additional monthly add on fee

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