eStore Platform FAQs






Q. How many products can I add to a store
A. You can add an unlimited number of products to your store.

Q. How many categories can I add?
A. You can add an unlimited number of products categories to your store.

Q. I need to display products in multiple categories, does this mean I have to add the
product twice?
A. No. Products are linked to categories. You can link a product to any number of categories,
but there is still only a single product to maintain.

Q. Can I sort my categories and make sub-categories?
A. Yes. Categories can be placed in any order and as many sub-categories as you need using

Q. Can I import products from a spreadsheet?
A. Yes. Importing with a spreadsheet is fully supported. Both initial import and updating
support mean that you can change product descriptions, prices, etc and re-upload the
spreadsheet. The Platform will automatically detect the changes and update only what has
changed since the last upload.

Q. Can I choose the order in which my products display?
A. Yes. Normally products are displayed ordered A-Z, but the buyer can choose how they are
sorted. In cases where you want to display your products in a certain order, this is easily done
from the product manager in the Dashboard.


Q. Can I put in inventory on products?
A. Yes. You can add inventory amounts for any product/product option combination.
Templates will display the quantity available to buyers if an amount is entered on the product.
Quantity display can be turned off if required.

Q. Can our business system or fulfillment company update quantities?
A. Yes. The e-Store Platform uses a ReST API that can be used to programmatically update
inventory levels of any product. Contact us at for more

Q. I have products that have additional spec sheets and size charts. Can I add these to
A. Yes. Products can have any number of attachments which will be automatically displayed
under the product images.

Q. Is it possible to allow the client to upload their logo on a product, then have it
attached to the order as a virtual sample?
A. Yes, our attachments feature (located in edit product) enables the user to upload their logo
on to a product. You must use Inkscape to create a .svg attachment. If you do not have
Inkscape, you can download it for free at here.
Once the .svg file has been created, it can be uploaded and added to a product. If a virtual
sample for each colour is needed, upload a .svg file for each colour or make one .svg file with
an image of each colour.

Q. I don't want to use SVG virtual sample features. Can a buyer just upload a logo file
to a product?
A. Yes. The system supports uploading attachments to products. You can choose what file
types you want to accept from the Template settings; ie: .eps, .cdr, .pdf, etc. Attachments will
be available for download from the order View or Edit in the dashboard.

Q. How many images or views of a product can I upload?
A. You can upload any quantity of images/views of a product. Templates will automatically
display additional images under the main product image. You can sort the order the images
display from the product manager in the Dashboard.

Q. What size do my product images need to be?
A. It is recommended to use images that are 800-1000 pixels in width or height minimum so
buyers can view a reasonable amount of detail. Avoid images that are too small as this
adversely affects the buyer experience.

Q. Do I have to resize images or upload multiple sizes?
A. No. Images are resized automatically for each required size. Supported formats are JPEG,PNG, GIF. Maximum file size is 10MB.


Q. Are multiple pricing levels supported?
A. Yes. You can add as many pricing levels as required.

Q. I need US prices, can I do that?
A. Yes. USD and CAD are both supported. You can select which currencies are enabled in the
Dashboard settings.

Q. Can I put in sale prices?
A. Yes. Sales prices are available with a start and end date.

Q. My store has paid inventory. I need the products to show as $0.00, or not show price at all. Can I do that?
A. Yes. The system will not accept a zero price for any item. This is a built-in protection to
prevent unintentional saving of products with no price and having orders for free. Sale prices
however, will accept a value $0.00. Templates automatically detect this, and can display $0.00
or a text string of your choice. Make sure to select a start and end date for your sale price to
take effect.

Q. Some of my products only have USD pricing and others, CAD. Some have both. How
is this handled?
A. Pricing for at least one currency must be present. If a product does not have pricing
entered for the buyer's currently selected currency, the product will not display. This feature is
especially useful in situations where the product selection in each currency is slightly different.


Q. Can I add options like Size and Color to my products?
A. Yes. Products have full support for options. Options can be made mandatory or optional.
There are two ways to define how the system will display the eStore product options; Single
Product Ordering and Multiple Product Ordering.
Single Product Ordering: This enables the user to select one option for a product. The
product options will be displayed as a drop-down selection (for more than one option element)
or as a single select box.
Multiple Product Ordering: This enables the user to enter a quantity for each option element.
Example; 10 red, 5 blue, 10 yellow.

Q. I have a minimum quantity set for certain items, but I want to allow buyers to be able
to add more that one size to meet the minimum requirement. Can I do this?
A. Yes. This is a feature called “Options blending” or “Option mixup”. In the product edit
window, if you product has options defined, you will see a check box at the top called “Allow
options mixup”. Check this off and save to enable the feature. The cart will enforce the
minimum quantity requirement across options, and will also adjust the price if the quantity
meets another price column.

Q. Can my store allow buyers to add more than one size at a time to their cart?
A. Yes. Templates can be set to display multiple input boxes so buyers can add many
combinations of a products in one step.

Q. Can I add images to options?
A. Yes. You can add as many images as required per option.Q. Can I add option pricing?
A. Yes. You can add extra charges to an option. The cart will automatically add the additional
amount to the price.



Q. Can I accept credit card payments in my store?
A. Yes. The PromoBullit eStore platform supports credit card payments using one of the

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Pro Direct Payments
  • Moneris eSelect
  • Transax


  • For PayPal, you will need to get a merchant account setup if you do not already have one. If you will use PayPal Direct Payments, you must request a Pro merchant account. Paypal Express requires a Standard level merchant account.
  • Moneris requires an e-Select merchant account. Moneris inspects all store prior to issuing the required Store ID that the platform uses to authenticate to the gateway. Please ensure that your store has all policies clearly defined; shipping policy, returns policy, terms and conditions, privacy policy.

Q. My customer needs to have employees purchase against a budget, is this
A. Yes. The Budget Add-on provides the ability to define unlimited budgets, unlimited
spenders and approvers. Budgets that have an approver selected require that all orders
placed will need to be approved before they are processed. A budget usage report is also
included with the module. Buyers, once logged-in, will see their budget balances in the store
header area for quick reference.
Budget Add On must be purchased. It costs $20/month per store.


Q. What shipping options are available?
A. Shipping calculations can be selected from the following:

  • Mathematical formula
  • Canada Post web services
  • Purolator web services
  • UPS Web services
  • Fedex Web Services
  • Included (free shipping, or included in the price)

Mathematical formula
Custom Destinations and Formulas allow you to create custom shipping calculations based
on country/territory combinations. A broad range of variables and options are available that
provide flexibility in how that system will calculate shipping fees.

Canada Post, Purolator, UPS and FedEx

Web services allow your store to calculate real-time shipping rates for the destination, based on the total weight of the items in the cart. To use the web services, you must register for API Access with the carrier.

The Included setting instructs the system to consider all shipping costs included in the price of
the product. Note: This setting is usually not used in conjunction with other shipping methods.

Q. Do I need to input tax rates?
A. CANADA: Tax rates for Canada are supplied for all provinces and are automatically
calculated according to the shipping destination. You can modify any tax rate as required to
suit your business requirements.
USA: Tax rates for the United States are not supplied by default due to the complex nature of
tax collection and reporting requirements in the US. You can create tax rules to collect
multiple taxes per region such as state, county and city taxes as required. Example formula:
productSubtotal * (stateSalesTaxRate + countySalesTaxRate + citySalesTaxRate)

Q. What about tax on Shipping?
A. Shipping is taxable in most jurisdictions and is automatically added to the final tax amount.
If you need an exemption, please contact us for more information.

Q. Can I set a product as tax exempt?
A. Yes. You can set any item as tax exempt. 


Q. Is single sign-on supported?
A. Yes. We support SAML 2.0, Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Microsoft account (Outook, Skype, Office 365)


Q. Can a store on the eStore Platform be hosted on our own servers?
A. No. The PromoBullit eStore Platform is a subscription-based SaaS (Service as a Software) system that cannot be self-hosted or hosted at a third-party. 



Q. Can I import customers from a spreadsheet?
A. Yes. The customer area has an import feature built in. There is a link to download a
template spreadsheet in the dashboard help bubble.

Q. Can I group customers?
A. Yes. Customer groups are available. Groups can be assigned to any number of customer.
Products can also be assigned to groups, as well as custom discounts can be assigned to a
group. See below.

Q. Can I offer different pricing to certain groups?
A. Yes. Customer Group Pricing is fully supported and based on mathematical formulas. For
example, you can define a formula to give a certain group 10% off using (basePrice * 0.1).
Help is available in the Dashboard and provides examples.

Q. Can the store be set to require a login before any products or pricing is shown?
A. Yes. This is a standard setting in the Store Dashboard.

Q. Can new customers register online?
A. Yes. Stores accept user registration. You can select whether accounts are activated upon
registration, or need to be verified prior to activation.

Q. Can customers checkout without having to register to an account?
A. Yes. Guest Checkout is enabled by default and can be toggled off as needed from the
Dashboard settings.



Q. Can we print packing slips and Invoices?

A. Yes, you can print a packing slip and/or invoice from the View or Edit order window.

Q. Can we email notify a client of their order status?
A. Yes. You can edit the order, change the status and email the client directly from the order.

Q. Does an email confirmation get sent to buyers?
A. Yes. An order confirmation is sent for every order to the buyer as well as the email address
set to receive order notifications in the store settings.

Q. Can we customize the order confirmation email?
A. Yes. These emails cannot be edit directly, but can be done by PromoBullit Support. Send
the changes you need to PromoBullit eStore Support with the desired changes along with the
eStore Name.



Q. Are there standard reports available?

A. Yes. A selection of reports are downloadable in spreadsheet format.
These include:

  • Budget Usage (Module purchase required)?
  • Current Inventory Count
  • Customer Account List
  • Discount Code Usage
  • Order General Sales
  • Order Ledger
  • Order Sales By Category
  • Order Summary By Customer
  • Order Summary By Shipping Destination
  • Order Top Selling Items
  • Order Transactions
  • Product Export

Q. Can I give a customer access to reports without giving them access to my
A. Yes. You can give any customer account access to any available report. The reports will be
accessible in the My Account section when they login to the eStore.

Q. Can I get a custom report done if needed?
A. Yes. The standard set of reports are quite detailed and will cover most requirements, we
can produce custom reports when required. Call us for pricing and details.